The Cambridge Renewable Energy Centre - A division of Elliotts

renewable energyIn a world where Global Energy demands are becoming unsustainable we took the decision to offer our customers the widest range possible of energy efficient equipment and to that end we decided to invest in a Renewable Energy Showroom demonstrating this equipment.

Energy, heating and cooling costs are rising and increased costs for the production of these resources are reaching an all time high. Not only are costs rising but the impact on the environment is being felt.

Governments are addressing these issues and providing various incentives for end users to take advantage of some of the newer technologies now availbale to harness renewable technology that promotes reduced costs and meets sustainable energy targets.
The Carbon Trust is one such initiative that could help you as a business make a difference to the environment.

At our new Renewable Energy Showroom in Bar Hill Cambridge, we have one of the largest working displays of equipment dedicated to saving energy in the home and business premises.

renewable energyWe take seriously the need for businesses and the individual to find alternative ways to meet heating and cooling requirements whilst saving on costs. Traditional methods and technologies for these consumer needs are seeing increased costs globally and equally placing a higher demand on the ecology and energy reserves.

The Renewable Energy Centre in Cambridge is full of innovative ideas and viewable products that will allow you to see and measure how we can help you make substantial energy cost savings, benefit from more efficient reusable energy and as a business contribute to a more sustainable eco system.

The equipment on display includes
• Air to water heat pumps
• Air Conditioning
• Solar hot water
• Low water content radiators
• Destratification fans
• Evaporative water cooling
• Heat Recovery
• Heat Reclaim ventilation
• Under floor heating

A member of staff will always be on hand to discuss any technical queries you may have.
Talks from our own staff and suppliers are regularly given to trade and professional bodies.

Showroom Opening Times

MondayFriday: 9am – 5.00pm, Saturday: 9am – 12pm

Contact Information

Tel: 01954 20 20 20
Fax: 01954 78 28 01

Our Energy Centre Products

Our Ground Source Heat Pumps
Ground and air source heat pump technology is now well proven, having been successfully used as a means of domestic heating for over 30 years. Heat pumps generate no carbon emissions at site and use approximately 25% of the energy required by a conventional gas or oil fired boiler. Also, unlike solar energy solutions, heat pumps can provide all of the energy required for a building’s heating and hot water. As the cost of fossil fuels continues to rise the savings resulting from the use of heat pumps will increase, and the payback period for the required investment will decrease.

Evaporative Cooling Applications: Modern Offices
Many modern offices are uncomfortable due to high occupancy, more equipment (computers etc) and improved building insulation. Evaporative Water Cooling can help improve working comfort and increase productivity.

LG Art Cool Mirror Inverter Type
Whether in the mirror finish, wood effects or one of the choice of subdued pastel shades, the LG Art Cool Mirror offers so many ways to reflect the mood and look of any interior scheme you so desire.