Evaporative Water Cooling

Today: June 22, 2017

Evaporative Water Cooling offers a completely natural way of cooling large hot areas and is extremely cost-effective. Initially designed to cool areas such as factories and commercial buildings, the system has now developed to be able to cool: data centres, office cooling, auditoriums, arenas.

When correctly designed, the system can give an amazing 35kW of air cooling for every 1.5kW of energy consumed.
A working model is installed in the Energy Showroom, showing inlet and outlet temperature readings.


How Evaporative Cooling Works

A overview of the basics of Evaporative Water Cooling and how it all works with key benefits to you.

Evaporative Cooling Performance

Substantial benefits are shown between traditional methods of cooling and the evaporative method. Evaporative Water Cooling clearly outperforms in this critical area.

Evaporative Cooling Applications: Data Centres

EcoCooling can now offer evaporative cooling systems for data centres, UPS rooms, IT rooms and server rooms.
Conventional Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC’s) are high users of electricity. An EcoCooling evaporative cooling system can significantly decrease these costs by over 90% giving potential pay backs of under a year and creating massive carbon savings.

Evaporative Cooling Applications: Warehouse Cooling

Warehouses usually generate a high amount of hot air and without proper cooling and ventilation, become unpleasant environments to work in.
Here is how Evaporative Water Cooling can help reduce heat and provide a cooled and more pleasant work atmosphere.

Evaporative Cooling Applications: Schools

Many educational facilities have problems with high temperatures causing student and staff discomfort. A typical example of this is IT rooms.
A refrigeration based air conditioning system is costly to install and run. It also has a significant carbon impact.

Evaporative Cooling Applications: Modern Offices

Many modern offices are uncomfortable due to high occupancy, more equipment (computers etc) and improved building insulation. Evaporative Water Cooling can help improve working comfort and increase productivity.


Evaporative Cooling Applications: Food and Drink

Food and drink manufacturing routinely creates a hot environment which can be detrimental to comfort, product quality and equipment performance and reliability. One way to reverse this is with the installation of Evaporative Water Cooling.