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Today: June 22, 2017

LG Art Cool


You no longer have to be told what your air conditioner should look like.
With LG's revolutionary Art Cool series, you can simply change the look of your air conditioner as and when you want.

1. Pre Filter
• The antibacterial pre-filter primarily reduces large dust, mould and quilt dust.
2. Nano Carbon Filter
• Nano-size carbon filters removes fine odorous particles from the household air resulting in a more pleasant environment.
3. Triple Filter
• The triple filter consists of three specialised filters to reduce the symptoms associated with various organic compounds including formaldehyde.
• It also has the ability to reduce unpleasant odours creating a more comfortable environment.
4. Nano Bio Fusion Filter
• Nano bio fusion filters allow their nano-size bio enzymes to directly penetrate through cell walls of some bacteria and allergen to decompose its cell nuclei.
5. Plasma Filter
• The PLASMA Air Purifying System developed uniquely by LG not only reduces microscopic contaminants and dust, but also reduces house mites, pollen, and pet fur to reduce allergy and asthma symptoms.

Gold Fin Anti Corrosion
• LG’s Outdoor Heat Exchanger is coated with a golden anti-corrosive epoxy treatment on the aluminum coil to minimized corrosion. This maintains heat transfer properties of the coil for an extended time where as non-Gold Fin coils progressively lose efficiency due to surface corrosion. Standard on every LG air conditioner, this assists in areas suffering from pollution or near the ocean where the unit may subjected to higher levels of salt.

Jet Cool
• Most LG air conditioners automatically distribute the air to eliminate hot and cold patches to keep the room at a more constant temperature.

3-Dimensional Air Flow
• Designed like a work of art, with the new concept of 3-dimensional air flow.
• It gives even cooling from the front and both sides.

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