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Today: June 22, 2017

Our Ground Source Heat Pumps


In a world where Global Energy demands are becoming unsustainable Elliotts took the decision to offer our customers the widest range possible of energy efficient equipment. At our new Renewable Energy Showroom in Bar Hill Cambridge, we have one of the largest working displays of equipment dedicated to saving energy in the home and business premises.

Energy, heating and cooling costs are rising, with a corresponding negative impact on the environment. The proportion of total UK carbon dioxide emissions resulting from domestic heating has remained more or less constant over the last 10 years at between 18 and 19 per cent of total UK carbon dioxide emissions. Add to this emissions through heating public buildings and the total is well over 20%.

We take seriously the need for businesses and the individual to find alternative ways to meet heating and cooling requirements whilst saving on costs and helping the environment. As part of this commitment Elliotts have teamed up with Finn Geotherm UK Ltd, one of the foremost providers of air and ground source heat pumps within the UK.
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Ground and air source heat pump technology is now well proven, having been successfully used as a means of domestic heating for over 30 years. Heat pumps generate no carbon emissions at site and use approximately 25% of the energy required by a conventional gas or oil fired boiler.
Also, unlike solar energy solutions, heat pumps can provide all of the energy required for a building’s heating and hot water. As the cost of fossil fuels continues to rise the savings resulting from the use of heat pumps will increase, and the payback period for the required investment will decrease.

Finn Geotherm are the sole UK agents for Lampoassa heat pump systems. Based in Attleborough, Norfolk, Finn Geotherm have been successfully installing ground and air source systems for over 3 years.
Fully registered under both the BRE Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and the Renewable Energy Assurance Listing (REAL), they are approved for all public sector and private grant qualifying projects.
They provide a full "turn-key" solution to their customers including survey, design, equipment supply, installation, including ground works and commissioning.

Lampoassa systems have output ranging from 5kW to 600kW – thus meeting the needs of a small terrace house to a large office, school or apartment complex. Lampoassa have a superb reputation for reliability and efficiency.
Designed to work under the gruelling winter conditions of Finland, their air and ground source systems take the UK climate in their stride.

The air source system for example, is designed to work effectively down to minus 15'C. As the system is manufactured of the highest quality, anodised components, Lampoassa ensure that it will continue to work efficiently and quietly for many years to come.


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