The Cambridge Renewable Energy Centre

The Renewable Energy Showroom

In the showroom you will see various equipment installed, working and viewable for inspection.
Our staff will gladly talk with you about any aspect of the Cambridge Energy Centre and the central benefits of the individual energy saving devices.

Among the Renewable Energy Centre equipment, you will find:

A Daikin Altherma air to water heat pump
The Altherma heat pump system extracts low grade thermal energy (at ambient temperature) from the environment (heat freely available in outside air), upgrades the heat to a higher temperature and releases it into the water running through your central heating system with low temperature radiators, under floor heating system or fan coil units.

Daikin Altherma Air to Water Monobloc Heat Pump
This new system offers the Altherma and Hydrobox as a one off package situated in the garden/outside, connected to the house by water pipes.

Daikin FTXS Air Conditioning Unit

The Daikin FTXS Air Conditioning System is simply one of the best units around.

The Daikin Round Flow Cassette

The unique ceiling mounted cassette that saves energy and creates a more comfortable environment.

The Daikin 3 Pipe VRV With Altherma

A VRV® represents Daikin’s ultimate technology in climate comfort and energy efficiency for small to large-sized offices, hotels or other commercial facilities, providing year round heating and cooling.

LG Art Cool

You no longer have to be told what your air conditioner should look like. With LG's revolutionary Art Cool series, you can simply change the look of your air conditioner as and when you want.

LG Art Cool Mirror Inverter Type

The LG Art Cool Mirror is a discreet way of providing air conditioning within a space without intrusive equipment. Beautiful designs provide a contemporary way of conditioning whilst maintaining the aesthetics of your room.

Airius Destratification Ceiling Fans

The AIRIUS DeStratification ceiling fans are the most efficient destratification products available. Our
cost effective products work alongside your existing HVAC systems. Easy to install, simple to maintain
and economical to operate.

Refrigerant Gas to Water Heat Transfer Systems

In our showroom we have a fully working EUREKA system connected to a Panasonic air conditioning system. The ducted Panasonic air conditioning system provides cooled air conditioned air into the showroom.

Air To Air Heat Recovery and Ventilation

We have on display a Daikin VAM heat recovery unit. In today’s well insulated and tightly sealed buildings it is important to replace stale air with fresh “tempered” air.